Saturday, March 17, 2012

We are officially renters!!!

As of this morning, we are officially renting our own house.  We had our closing yesterday at 4:30 PM.  We signed all of the paperwork and had to the chance to meet Jim, the gentleman that is buying our house.  He's a real nice guy and we're glad everything went so smoothly.  We're also super excited we get to stay here until our house is built. We made our first monthly rent payment, plus security deposit, so we are all set.  To the right is a picture of our house now "officially" sold!  Woo hoo!!  Time to start packing up and get ready for the move.

As for the new house.  We drove by this morning and it looks like they broke ground this week.  You can see they dug out the hole for the basement/foundation.   Our future neighbor across the street purchased theirs right before us, and their foundation is already poured. 

As we were sitting there a big construction truck came by, and the kids were totally awestruck. We had to sit for a good 5 minutes and see what he was going to do! Can't wait to see what's next. We are all very excited! I'll check back in when there is more to report.

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