Friday, June 01, 2012

Bad News

I wish I had new pictures or something great to share, but today is just going to be me venting.  We just got off the phone with Pat, our project manager, and he informed us we'd have to push the closing date back.  I don't have a problem with Ryan Homes right now, the house looks beautiful and they are finishing up on time.  The stupid power company, West Penn Power, has not yet hooked up power to the house though.  It's not just our house, the house across the street won't be able to close either.  We have put in numerous calls to West Penn Power, but it hasn't helped.  Pat said "the guy" he is working with at West Penn Power really couldn't even give him an estimated time of completion.  I just don't get why they sat on their butts this long.  They got the work order from Ryan Homes on February 7th.  If anyone has any suggestions on how we can get them to move this along, I'd appreciate it.  Pat said we could try calling the PUC (Public Utility Commission) and file a complaint, but he doesn't think that will really light a match under them.  So here we are with a beautiful house, but no power.  There is so much that rides on having the power... the plumbing inspection, the electrical inspection and the final building inspection.  Maybe they can knock all three of these out in one day once West Penn Power finishes their part.  They don't even have power to the street or transformers in place yet, so Pat is not optimistic.  I just feel like they are not making us a priority.  West Penn Power wasn't even at the house the past two days (and the customer service rep I talked to today said they don't work on Saturdays).  What are they waiting on!?  If I was in charge, I'd have some guys on overtime out there to get this job done on time.  Alright, I'm done venting.  So as of today, we've moved our final walk through back to June 13 and a closing date of June 14.  So now we've got to make phone calls to the cable company, movers, furniture store, and our parents (who were to help out with the kids during the move).  Not to mention, now I have to reschedule days off of work.  Glad I didn't change our address with the post office yet!  Well, we've got to be out of our current house by June 15th, so keep your fingers crossed that West Penn Power pulls off a miracle next week!


Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with power company :-( That really is poor service! I would still file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission either way. It may still help you and possibly it could help reduce the change of this problem for others in the future.

Best of luck to get this all worked out!

Thomas said...

You may also try calling the PA Office of Consumer Advocate.

PA Office of Consumer Advocate
5th Floor, Forum Place
555 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1923
(717) 783-5048 • email:
Pennsylvania Consumers Call Toll-Free At:

RickNadase said...

Fingers Crossed!!!!

WJ said...

That crazy sucks. Is the entire development without power? And what about calling KDKA? I'm pretty sure they still do some sort of "on your side" consumer reporting (