Sunday, May 27, 2012

We've Got Carpet!

When we first walked in, we were blown away by the flooring and carpet on the stairs.

This is the view down the hall from the front entry way.  You can see where the laminate ends and the carpet begins in the family room.

This is looking to the left from the front door.  This leads to the living room (once again, carpeted).

 Here is the living room, as seen from the dining room.

 And here is the dining room view from the living room.  The tray ceiling looks even nicer with the chandelier.

Here is a close-up of the dining room chandelier.

 The kitchen has come together nicely.  The counters look, cabinets and appliances look great with the floor.  Everything still needs cleaned up, but it is coming together nicely.

This turned out dark, but I think it is because we have so much light coming in through the morning room.

 The family room looks great with the carpeting!

The room on the left will be Logan's, and as you go down the hall you come to the guest room.

 This is the view from right outside of Logan and Savannah's room, down the hall into the master suite.  The railings look really sharp now that they are all varnished up!
 Here you can see the double doors that lead to our master bathroom.

 This is looking out of the master bedroom, back down the hall to Logan's room.

I thought this was a pretty cool view of the railings, carpeted stairs, and entryway floor below.

Here is a close-up of the texture of the carpet.  It is called a frieze carpet, and was so comfortable to walk on.  I had to take this close-up because there was some sort of blue gum stuck to one of the stairs (which we hope will be gone before the final walk-through!).

 Not as exciting as the carpet, but they did install the escape hatch ladder outside the basement window.

 They also painted our front door.  It really completes the look of the house.  We just need them to paint these pillars white and the outside should be done.

Lastly, they added the two light fixtures to the sides of the garage.  Only down side is that we still don't have electricity running to the house!  Anne spent a good 4 hours back and forth on the phone with Angela (from Ryan Homes) and the power company.  They are supposedly going to be out on Tuesday.  We are not holding our breath.  If we don't have power, we don't close on the 11th.  So we'll call the power company everyday if necessary to get this thing moving along!


Thomas said...

Looks great!

Rachel said...

The flooring looks great! Love the tray ceiling and the crown molding.

Esquire-ran said...

Your house is beautiful inside and out! Love the pillars and the brick and the porch! I got that same carpet and love it. We don't have traffic from little ones but we do have dogs. So far it wears and vacuums beautifully.

Bedda said...

Looks really nice!! We just ran across your blog. We are also building a Victoria Falls Elevation C in the Berkshires (a couple of houses toward your right). Looks like we will be neighbors. We are keeping a blog at

RickNadase said...

WOW! Your house is gorgeous!