Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Interior Additions

Pulling up to the house, we were excited to see the columns in place on the front porch.  They still need a coat of white paint on them.

We also noticed that they have our house number in place (it is on the left of the garage).  Our official address will be 7014 Sherwood Drive.

 Inside the house there were a lot of additions as well.  As we walked in the front door, it was awesome to see the railings installed. 
They also put in the railing going down to the basement.  In both of these you can kind of see some parts of our flooring.

Here's a close-up.  We just went with the basic linoleum, but with a tile look.  This is in the entry way, half bath, kitchen and morning room.

 Speaking of the kitchen... we got our cabinets and counter tops in!  The counters are the same pattern as in our current house, but they look a lot nicer on the fancier cabinets.

This is a view of the kitchen from the morning room.  You can really get a good view of the island from here.  You can also see the double-door pantry.

Another addition was the mantle around the fire place.  I think it will eventually be painted all white.

Here is a view of the family room.

 In this picture you can see they added casings around the doorways from the dining room into the kitchen and living room.

This is a close-up of the crown molding added to the dining room.  They even added it in the tray ceiling.

 At the top of the stairs, they added the doors to our master bedroom.

They also installed the vanities and mirrors in the master bathroom (top) and the kids' bathroom (bottom).

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Thomas said...

Looks nice! I like the crown molding.