Monday, May 14, 2012

Electrical Additions

They have added some of the lighting to the outside of the house.  We have a lamppost, and two lights next to the front door.  You can see the wire above our house number where they will add another light by the garage.

Inside the foyer, they hung our chandelier.  It is so much nicer than the one we have now, but will still be just as hard to change the light bulbs!

 We also have lighting in the master bathroom.  The light fixture is the same in the kids' bathroom.

There's no sink in the half-bath on the first floor, but they do have the mirror and lights in.

Some other updates include painting all of the baseboards, doors, crown molding and around the fire place.

Speaking of doors, they started to add the hardware to many of the doors throughout the house.  We went with the brushed nickle.  I think it looks pretty sharp, especially with the hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen.

Another nice surprise was the staining on the railings.  It will really look nice once they lay the carpet.

They also delivered the appliances and installed the microwave and refrigerator.  The fridge is exactly like the one we have now.  The microwave was interesting because the inside seemed like it was made of the same material of the inside of an oven (I've never seen that before).

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Thomas said...

I like the way the porch looks with columns and the lights.