Saturday, May 05, 2012

Siding is On!

There have been a lot of nice finishing touches since our last visit!  We have a garage door, and  they added the white trim to the roof area.
Here's a close up to show some of the trim.  Oh yeah, we got our shutters too!
As mentioned in the title of this blog entry... we have siding!  This side view gives a good look at the 4 foot extension in the family room and the additional morning room (with vaulted ceiling).  There's not much more they will have to do to the outside other than the electrical stuff (outlets and lighting).
They started to level out the land around the house, so this shot gives a good look at how much back yard we will have before the hillside.
Inside the house, they've finished the walls.  They've put a coat of paint over the drywall, so all of the rooms look pretty nice.  This is a picture of our master bedroom through the double-door entry.
The doors have been delivered, so I can only assume they will be hanging those soon.  We went with the "two-panel" doors.  We were originally slated for the "six-panels", but Angela told us this was the way the industry was going so we went for the new style.
Another exciting addition to the interior was the bricking around the fire place.  It looked a lot nicer in person.

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