Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bricking Complete

These pictures are actually from Wednesday... I've gotten a little behind.  All of the bricking on the front of the house is complete.  They even have the porch built up.  You can see the shingles stacked on the roof, so they still have yet to do that.  They also have our driveway poured... well, I guess not poured but black-topped.

The girls at Ryan homes were out in the neighborhood and they said we should take a walk in and look around.  I just wanted to make sure the place was sturdy first!

This will be the view from our family room into the kitchen/morning room.  You can see the framing of the counter that will separate the two rooms.  The morning room has a vaulted ceiling and a lot of windows for great light.

This is the fireplace in the family room.  It will be on a side wall.  It actually has a light switch to control it!

This is just a view from the main hall where you can see down into the basement and also our stairs to the second floor right around the corner.

This is a view looking up from our entryway.  I thought all of the duct work in the attic looked pretty cool from this view... almost like a big spider sitting up there.  I was worried about the gap in the roofing boards, but Pat told us it is not a concern.  He said it is actually better to have some gaps to let air circulate and let the house breathe. 

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