Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pre-Dry Wall Meeting

On Friday, we had our pre-dry wall meeting with Pat.  He walked us through the whole house, and we took a look at all of the wiring.  Everything was in place exactly where we wanted it, including the additional outlets we added... some forward thinking by Anne for Christmas decorating!  He explained a few things to us and we discussed a final walk through and closing date.  We will go through the house one last time on Friday, June 8, and then close on Monday, June 11.  Below you will see some highlights of our journey through the house before the dry wall was hung.  He said that he planned on putting the insulation in on Monday, so he was counting on the roof to be shingled by then (I am typing this on Sunday, and with the weather the past two days I can tell you that did not happen). We took the kids up late Friday, and there was no additional work done.  Anne stopped by on Saturday (in the pouring rain) and still no shingled roof... there were a lot of puddles in the house though.  I'll have to ask Pat if that is going to be a problem.  I feel like the floor boards behind the walls should not be wet or else we could get mold.  I just hope they get it shingled and insulated soon, but probably not tomorrow... calling for 6 inches of snow.  I guess that could be a little set-back to the June 11th closing.  Who would have guessed snow in late April!!?

Speaking of insulation, these are two pictures of our basement (which is huge and will be awesome when we finish it... in 20 years).  Pat said the insulation here is upgraded from the normal pink fiber stuff that normally goes in.  I think codes have changed since we started this process. 

 Since we were with Pat, we felt safe going upstairs (unlike when we sneaked in the day before).  Here is a picture of our Master Bedroom.  The two windows are on the side of the house.

Walking out of the master you can see the stairs going down to the left and straight ahead will be Savannah's bedroom.  To the right is first the guest bedroom, then the bathroom, and finally Logan's room.  His room will be in the rear of the house this time.

Here we will have a railing along the second floor hallway.  It will have an amazing view of the two-story entry.  In the picture you can see one of Anne's "Christmas" outlets between the two top windows ("in case we want to hang lighted wreaths there").

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