Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Bricks

We stopped by today (Sunday) and they almost have the whole front of the house bricked!  The color looks a little duller than we thought when we picked out the bricks, but we're hoping maybe it just needs cleaned up from the dirt and cement.  We won't really know until we see it all together with the white trim and black shutters.

Here's a nice look at the front entry stairs.  I sneaked a shot through the front window when no one was around!

This is the framing of the inside of our garage.  To the right, you can see the extra storage space.  It's about a 5x5 space, so we won't get a ton of stuff in there.  But at least it is a place for the garbage cans and lawn mower (which really get in the way in our current house).  Through the door on the left will take you from the garage into the laundry room... then into the hallway/kitchen.  The area behind the garage will be our family room.

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